Termites live in a well-structured colony. Just like your family, their colony holds together because the different members play their distinct roles. The queen lays the eggs. Soldiers protect not only the queen but also the nest. Workers are mainly responsible for feeding all the members and for taking care of the larvae. Unfortunately, if worker termites are able to carry out their duties, your property will surely sustain structural damage, which is bound to spread gradually. That’s why termite control is so important.

No Building in Nepal is Off Limits

If you ask other homeowners and business managers about termites, you’ll likely hear this complaint: These insects are a real source of trouble and frustration. Their primary entry points are generally located in areas where wood is adjacent to the soil. To get from point A to point B in a moist environment, subterranean termites will build mud tubes on or behind walls. The three types include a working tube, an exploratory tube, and a drop tube. Drywood and dampwood termites don’t need the constant moisture that soil provides. These particular species prefer to excavate and live in wooden structures. No matter which termite colony is present, you can expect to incur a long list of costly repairs. Termites have to consume the cellulose in wood to survive.

Termite Control that Actually Works

Yes, if your property was treated during the construction phase, termites are going to have difficulty infesting it. However, the protective barriers in place won’t suffice in all situations. That’s why the professionals at Yuma Pest are on standby. We use a broad-based strategy that revolves around integrated pest management. IPM is currently the most effective method because it covers all the bases in a strategic manner.

Inspection and Identification

One-size-fits-all solutions are ineffective for pest infestations, so the first step is to correctly identify the culprit. When we carry out inspections, we utilize our excellent attention to detail, and we zero in on the droppings and property damage to get a clear understanding of the infestation problem.

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